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Energy-efficient designs partner with affordability at Arrive at Bowness

Calgary Herald by Josh Skapin, June 7, 2016: Arrive at Bowness launches during an event on-site at 7112 34th Ave. N.W. between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. today. The 50-unit development is being constructed by Partners Development Group, which will sell 11 of the units and start taking reservations on them today. Attainable Homes Calgary Corp. has 39 of the units and will open sales on the first 12 opportunities.

Affordable housing units now available in Bowness

Calgary Sun by Myke Thomas, May 28, 2016: New affordable housing units are now available in Bowness through a partnership with the Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHCC) and Partners Development Group. The Built Green-certified townhome development, called Arrive at Bowness, will include a mix of attainable homes and market-priced units and will be built on land AHCC acquired from the City of Calgary in 2009.

Making homeownership even more attainable

Calgary Sun by Myke Thomas, May 7, 2016: When you want to know how well your business is doing, and where it could improve, the best people to ask are your customers. That’s what the Attainable Homes Calgary Corp. (AHCC) did, in conjunction with Mount Royal University (MRU), through a research project exploring the impacts of attainable home ownership.

Attainable Homes opens its first show home

Calgary Herald by Josh Skapin, March 12, 2016: A program aimed at helping middle-income earners afford a down payment and step into home ownership has a full-sized example of what it can provide. The first show suite owned by Attainable Homes Calgary Corp. is now on display at Orchard Sky by Truman Homes in the northeast community of SkyView Ranch. Attainable Homes, a non-profit wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Calgary, has a program where homes are available for a down payment of $2,000.

Woman says Calgary non-profit helped her put down roots

Metro News by Brodie Thomas, February 15, 2016: Growing up, Heather Johnson’s family moved around a lot. “I think we came from gypsies,” she joked. Her parents split when she was only one and home ownership in the city was simply out of the question. And so, the pattern continued when she reached adulthood...

Hopewell’s No6 homes have become more Attainable

Calgary Sun by Myke Thomas, February 6, 2016: Hopewell Residential has joined the Attainable Homes Calgary Corp. (AHCC) in providing affordable home ownership with the release of 14 townhomes for sale at Hopewell’s Chalet No6 project...

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi behind plan to make housing more affordable

Calgary Sun by Bill Kaufmann, December 2, 2015: Mayor Naheed Nenshi is touting a $2,000 downpayment plan as a solution to unaffordable housing in Calgary. City agency Attainable Homes Calgary has partnered with developer Hopewell Residential to craft a program offering working individuals or families townhouses or apartments for the low entry payment.



Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHCC) is a nonprofit social enterprise and wholly owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary that delivers well-appointed, entry-level homes for Calgarians who have been caught in the city’s growing housing affordability gap. 

Through our Attainable Home Ownership Program, we connect builders, developers, lenders, lawyers and others to bring down the upfront costs of ownership so qualifying Calgarians can buy their very own home with a $2,000 down payment. Furthermore, when you decide to buy an attainable home, you're also choosing to pay it forward to help another family in the future. When you eventually decide to refinance or sell your home on the market, a share of the appreciation goes back into the program to fund more developments that will help even more people get a foot on the property ladder.

Do you aspire to own a home of your own? Contact us today and let us show you just how attainable this milestone can be.

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