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Councillor Stevenson, Attainable Homes Calgary welcome 500th household into attainable home

Tuesday, 21 April 2015: When Jordin and Justina bought an attainable home at Skymills, they asked to move into their newly constructed condo as soon as possible. The couple had no idea they would be the 500th household to receive keys from Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHCC). Ward 3 Councillor Jim Stevenson, AHCC President and CEO David Watson...

Attainable Homes Calgary expands offering with new southwest development

Thursday, 19 March 2015: Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHCC) today announced it was offering 42 attainable homes at a new development called Glenbrook Park in Calgary’s southwest. The nonprofit home ownership organization engaged Truman Homes to build the apartment condos by the end of the year...

Media advisory: Attainable Homes Calgary unveils development in Varsity

Construction is underway for a new apartment building on the corner of Varsity Drive NW and Shaganappi Trail. Attend an on-site media advisory for all the details...

Builder commits 10 percent of homes to Attainable Homes Calgary

Partners Development Group has offered ten percent of its upcoming multi-family developments in the city to Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHCC) in a move to help more Calgarians into home ownership...

David Watson: A home of their own a receding dream for too many Calgarians

Where Calgary used to be seen as a city offering tremendous opportunities for individual growth and for financial opportunity, we are now a city characterized by precariously balanced personal budgets, especially for those just entering the Calgary housing market. 

Mayor Nenshi, Councillor Pootmans present keys to new AHCC attainable home owners (with video)

Thursday, 30 October 2014: Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Ward 6 Councillor Richard Pootmans handed keys to first-time home owners at the newly completed Westbury Park development by Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHCC) and Truman Homes.

AHCC asks followers to share their experiences of rent hikes in Calgary, Receives overwhelming response

Friday, 17 October 2014: Following reports regarding proposed rent control in Alberta, Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHCC) today asked its followers to share their experiences as renters in Calgary. AHCC’s Facebook post attracted dozens of comments. “[My landlord] has raised my rent three times....And my damage deposit!...



Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHCC) is a nonprofit social enterprise and wholly owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary that delivers well-appointed, entry-level homes for Calgarians who have been caught in the city’s growing housing affordability gap. 

Through our Attainable Home Ownership Program, we connect builders, developers, lenders, lawyers and others to bring down the upfront costs of ownership so qualifying Calgarians can buy their very own home with a $2,000 down payment. Furthermore, when you decide to buy an attainable home, you're also choosing to pay it forward to help another family in the future. When you eventually decide to refinance or sell your home on the market, a share of the appreciation goes back into the program to fund more developments that will help even more people get a foot on the property ladder.

Do you aspire to own a home of your own? Contact us today and let us show you just how attainable this milestone can be.

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