Property Management vs. Condominium Management

There is a common perception that property management and condominium management are the same thing. However, they are actually quite different. Below, is a high level summary of what is involved in both property management and condominium management.

Property Management

Property management involves the administration of rental properties on behalf of their owners. Property management duties include: 

  • Advertising properties available for rent
  • Selecting tenants and negotiating rental or lease agreements with them
  • Collecting rent
  • Dealing with issues involving the property

Condominium Management

Condominium management involves performing duties for a condominium complex on behalf of all the owners in the complex (collectively referred to as a condominium corporation). Management and administration of the complex is outlined in the condominium bylaws. Condominium management duties include:

  • Enforcing condominium rules and bylaws
  • Collecting condominium fees or levies
  • Dealing with the common areas of the property (i.e. parking lot, lobby, gym)
  • Selecting, and negotiating with, contractors for things like snow removal or yard maintenance, as well as any specific maintenance issues (i.e. a broken elevator)

In summary, while there are some similarities between property management and condominium management, such as collecting the applicable fees, they are different with different duties and responsibilities. Property management involves the administration of rental properties for their owners, while condominium management involves the management and administration of a condominium complex.

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