Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for the program?
Click here for a checklist of the program criteria.

How can I buy an attainable home?
The home buying process is very simple. The process starts under the Ownership Toolkit tab on the website, where we ask you to complete three simple steps online:

  • 1. GET IN TOUCH - Complete the confidential online registration form to check eligibility and create an online profile to your track progress through the program.
  • 2. GET EDUCATED - Reserve a seat for the home education session to learn all the basics of buying, owning and reselling an attainable home.
  • 3. GET YOUR MORTGAGE - Contact a lender to determine your ability to repay a mortgage and arrange a mortgage pre-approval before selecting one of our attainable homes in the right price range.

Once you have your mortgage pre-approval, contact us and arrange an appointment to discuss your options or to view an available property. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to follow program news and updates regarding current and new home ownership opportunities.

Can I drop in to complete the education session? Or do I have to make an appointment?
You can complete the education session at your convenience at our show suite. Simply drop in during opening hours and our sales associate will help you get started. When you complete the education session at the show suite, you will receive a certificate, a list of lending partners who can help you get your mortgage pre-approval, and you can take a tour of real, available attainable homes.

What types of homes do you sell?

Our attainable homes are typically:

  • One- and two-bedroom apartment condos
  • Two- and three-bedroom townhomes
  • Priced between the low 200's and mid 300's
  • Located in Calgary city limits
  • With condo corporations and condo fees
  • New builds, although we have offered renovated townhomes in the past

Unfortunately we haven't been able to deliver single family homes at an affordable price to date.

I don't have a full-time job. Can I qualify?
You need a steady income and a decent credit rating to qualify for a mortgage. That often means that you need full-time or equivalent employment. If you have several part-time jobs or if you are self-employed, home ownership is possible but it may take a bit more work to secure your mortgage. We recommend connecting with one of our partner lenders via the Ownership Toolkit. A lender can evaluate your personal circumstances and help to put you on the right financial path to reach your goal.

Is there a waitlist?
All new projects are offered on a first-come first-served basis.

Are you a legitimate organization?

AHCC is a registered nonprofit and wholly-owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary. In fact, our Board of Directors is composed of respected city officials like Councillor Brian Pincott and Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Hundreds of people have purchased attainable homes, more than 20,000 people have expressed interest in owning one of our attainables homes and over 5,000 people have invested time in completing our home education session, which is a mandatory step in the program. 

I get the keys to my own home… But what’s in it for you?
AHCC was created by The City of Calgary. For us, the social and economic payoffs of getting middle-income Calgarians out of the rental market or subsidized housing and into property ownership are considerable. Plus, our small share in the appreciation of your home allows our nonprofit organization to keep developing new attainable homes.

Does this mean that just anybody can buy an attainable home?
To qualify for our program, you need a moderate income that can sustain a mortgage payment , you need good credit, you need to qualify for a mortgage, and you need a bit of savings.

None of the properties on this website work for me and my circumstances. Do you have any other homes?
Keep in touch as we are always working on securing new projects and another announcement could be just weeks away!

You can also check out what our friends at Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta are offering. Through volunteer labour and donations of money and materials, Habitat builds and rehabilitates safe, affordable houses alongside partner families. 

Habitat homes are sold to partner families with no down-payment, no-interest mortgages. The monthly mortgage payments go into a revolving fund, which is used to build more homes for more families.


Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHCC) is a nonprofit social enterprise and wholly owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary that delivers well-appointed, entry-level homes for Calgarians who have been caught in the city’s growing housing affordability gap. 

Through our Attainable Home Ownership Program, we connect builders, developers, lenders, lawyers and others to bring down the upfront costs of ownership so qualifying Calgarians can buy their very own home with a $2,000 down payment. Furthermore, when you decide to buy an attainable home, you're also choosing to pay it forward to help another family in the future. When you eventually decide to refinance or sell your home on the market, a share of the appreciation goes back into the program to fund more developments that will help even more people get a foot on the property ladder.

Do you aspire to own a home of your own? Contact us today and let us show you just how attainable this milestone can be.

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